When you sign up for an Evernote account (and you should), you freely and automatically get an auto generated  @m.evernote.com email address that you can send ANYTHING to and it will put it directly into your selected default notebook. Remember that whatever you use as the “Subject” Evernote will use as the “note title” so keep it accurate and not too long. (For this reason I have created a default Notebook as “Inbox” which i very frequently drag/drop from. 

So send your favorite RSS, webpage, email content… you name it. Snap a photo of a restaurant menu or favorite bottle of wine and send it on. Whatever you find that you like and would normally email somewhere, you can email it directly into your notebook.

If you re unsure how to obtain what that email address is, please comment with which operating system you use, and I would be glad to give further instructions.