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Re-calibrate your battery

Regardless of your usage habits, or circumstances, battery care is in direct proportion to battery life. And by baterry life I do not mean how long your battery stays charged. What I mean by battery life is how many months/years (charge cycles) it will perform for you as it did when you first got it, and after it starts to deminish, how quick it goes downhill from there. Its endurance.

It is not good to keep a battery at 100% charged all the time, or to leave it charging for any real length of time. It’s really not possible to say how much time is good or bad, everything battery related is truly dependent on usage habits, and each and every person/circumstance is different. It is highly recommended that you practice this calibration once a month at the very least.

  1. With machine on plugged in, let it charge to 100% and remain at 100% for a 2 hour period.
  2. Unplug and leave it on and running until it drains fully, putting itself to sleep.
  3. Let it sleep for a 5 hour period , unplugged/not charging.
  4. Plug it back in and let it charge back to 100%, let it remain at 100% for a 2 hour period.

That is it! For best results do this 1-2 times a month. For laptops that rarely get used, 2-3 times a month. Remember a battery has little ions that are designed to move around… so give them a full workout.


Internet Explorer 9 is in Beta. Trust me when I say “Beta can be a headache”.  An increasingly large number of the machines I repair lately show syptoms that are consistantly related to this particular Beta. At this time please do not ask me for developer details, as with any Beta… its an ongoing change/nightmare. The purpose of this bog is to help you remove it, and get back up and running.


The updates date back as far as (maybe further) April 17th. If your machine is set up to auto update, you still have to acknowledge and approve of this update. Issues do not become noticeable immediately. Symptoms include: stuck in boot up, side bar and access bars freezing or disappearing, security vulnerabilities compromising virus anti-virus stability…etc. Typically, machines running Windows 7 do not experience issues. Windows Vista on the other hand, if your computer is not booting or acting like it has a Virus.. step 1 is to remove IE9. Even if it won’t boot, its simply a BIOS issue and if tried enough times… it will eventually boot. IE9 not being compatible with Vista is Microsofts way of saying “whoops, we realize Vista sucks and are working to make it obsolete soon” On to the uninstall process…


Option 1: Click “Start” and type “programs and features” and open it. In the top left you’ll see “view installed updates” click on it. Scroll down to “Microsoft Windows” and look for “Internet Explorer 9”. Right click and click uninstall. In the highly likely event that you do not see Internet Explorer 9 under that listing proceed to option 2.


Option 2: (Same first step) Click “Start” and type “programs and features” and open it. In the top RIGHT corner in the search field, type: “expl” and hit enter. you should now see a list of installed Internet Explorer versions. Right click on IE9 and uninstall.


Once the uninstall completes, you will be asked to restart your computer. Make sure all other work is saved in any other programs, and restart. Upon restart, you will get a pop up asking you to install Internet Explorer 8. Do that.


Hope this helped. Smile