As you might have heard, the Ford Fiesta has finally arrived. I’d like to briefly walk you through my 1st impression…

Walking up to this thing, you cant help but think… “This car is short, I’ve never seen anything like it, and very short”

The 2nd thing noticed is that highly anticipated window sticker, and to see that exceptional fuel mileage.

As I grabbed the door handle, it felt big, and ergonomic. The door was noticeably heavy, I suppose that has a lot to do with how quiet its claimed to be. Everything inside was fresh looking, quality feel and unexpectedly spacious. The dash and lower bolster are very much out-of-the-way making room for your legs, and the door trim is compact and really not cluttered with anything. It was very comfortable. Most of the controls are located on the center stack, within easy reach. Everything is located relatively high so as I was playing with the features, my head was up, and eyes would have been on the road.

The back seat boasts quite a bit of room, easily seating two good-sized adults comfortably for any length of trip. The trunk on the hatchback is deceiving, as it is deeper than expected. Front to back not bad, but top to bottom exceptional! This car over all will not replace a full size family sedan, but it’s very capable of accommodating big needs, and fun traveling.

Typically, the next part of a car review would be the ride quality and handling… but the car sold! 🙂 I don’t expect they will ever last long on the lot. Not when its starting price is at $13,320.