As you may already know, we offer Free Lifetime Oil Changes.

The question has often come up, “How often should I redeem my free oil changes” & “Are there any limitations to how many per year I can get”

• You cannot void your Free Oil Changes; our only requirement is that you purchase a vehicle from us. Once you have done that, you qualify for the life of that vehicle. We do not keep tabs on how many you use, how many miles occur between them, or where you have your other work done. If you miss some, you miss some. They are free so we encourage you to use them, but if out of convenience from time to time you go elsewhere, we do not question you about it. • As for how often you SHOULD change your oil, again, we do not track mileage. I can offer this simple advice though. We use synthetic blend motor oil. These fluids contain different cleansing agents and additives that are designed to breakdown over a longer period of time, better withstanding extreme temperature changes, both factors that cause conventional motor oil to dissipate quicker.

That being said, my professional advice is to consider a 5,000 to 7,500 mile oil change interval. Whatever you choose, be consistent with that. This allows all of the intended functions of the Premium oil to properly care for your engine. You will not be hassled regardless of how often you come in though.

Feel free to comment with any questions.