“How do I know Intercessory Prayer is the real deal?” you ask – 

  • Because today at 9:45-10:15 there was a group of prayer warriors, in the fishbowl @tfhny praying for the seat I was sitting in. Praying for my heart that was receiving the message. Crying out to God, that Luke Thomas would be completely surrendered to God and Gods message for us, and that I would not only receive the message but that I would “see the bacon in my life”. That I would not only see the bacon but that I would have no desire to any longer smell it or taste it in my life. 
  • I know that Intercessory Prayer is the real deal, because not only did I sit there with 1000+ people and receive Gods blessings of purity and vision of truth, but at the same time my heart was being prepared and softened to stand in Intercessory Prayer for the 11:30 service. I stand in awe, that while I was in the midst of the most incredible people Praying for “you”, God was working miracles of light and understanding in ME, and in my heart, concerning prayer. If you were in the seats at 11:30, I trust in God, that you too, were transformed, while we were praying for “you”. Just as I was, when your intercessory prayers were towards me. If there was that chain reaction, in every heart today, then lives, families and people were changed. Its so beautiful, that through your prayers, God uses YOU to have compassion on ME, that I will have compassion on YOU. That while I am praying for YOU, He is also working in ME.
Today I understand that Intercessory Prayer is beautiful, in that, it is not only for YOU, but it is also FOR YOU – Do you get that?
Thank you Jesus