I know its not just me. I have witnessed my fiancé battle through the same dilemma, I can’t imagine we are the only ones… are we?


Picture this, man walks in to a jewelry store, looking to buy a wedding band. “What size ring do you wear” asks the jeweler. Man replies, “I don’t have a clue, I have never worn a ring before.”


Thats probably a typical situation yes?


What happens next? The jeweler bends down to look under the counter, and pulls out a 5 inch diameter steel ring with every ring size available, in 1/4 size increments. That equates to about 5 lbs of steel on a ring. 

How to measure ring size


Within this 5 lb weight set, they manage to find a single circle that might be close to what size you wear, and they hand it to you. Its got square edges, its cold and its attached to an awkwardly large quantity loopy rings that are in the way. What do you do with this contraption? You shove it on, up to the big knuckle, give the jeweler a nervous look, because you know that it might not come off once you pass that lump, and you shove it on. “How does that feel?” they immediately blurt out.


Really?! My finger is turning purple and my arm can’t hold up the weight, “Ummm what should it feel like” I’d ask. To this very day, I have not gotten a useful answer, they truly say “It’s entirely up to you how it feels” Are they trained to not say “It should feel like….” or are they not trained to know? I find that hard to believe because they all wear rings… Its frustrating.