I’m reading an article that blows my mind. It’s not an uncommon article or even a surprise, but its a shocking reminder. The topic… Chrome and Firefox users are horrible at updating their browser to protect themselves from the latest security vulnerabilities. 


Kaspersky is quoted saying “Firefox users take an average of 30 days to upgrade to the latest version, giving criminals a lengthy window to launch new attacks.” This is alarming. 


Lets be clear about something. Lets talk about security and vulnerability. Windows computers are most susceptible to a virus why? Because it is the most popular operating system. Attackers are going to spend time writing virus material for something that can and will easily and widely spread. Apple didn’t elude attacks because they are taking the appropriate steps and securing your data, they simply aren’t attacked…yet. As they grow in popularity, they are seeing trends of increasing attacks. 


Which smartphone OS is being attacked with 4 different viruses on 2 different versions? Android OS… because why? Yes, (as I cringe to say) it is currently the most popular OS. 


Computer users originally switched to browsers like Chrome and Firefox because they were safer than Internet Explorer. They were safer because they were less popular. Thats the bottom line. As they became more and more common as the go-to browser, they too became susceptible to attacks because attackers started writing attacks targeting them and their users. 


Now, unfortunately, every update that comes out is not always regarded as worthy or even stable. Our developers are allowed to release anything they wish that has a “final release” badge on it, while often at best its Beta… another topic for another time. You just need to stay alert to the security aspects, and take responsibility for security risks that you could be spreading to your friends and family out of neglect. 


#LifeTip: For every person that moves to something trendy, there is an equal number of people trying to spoil the fun.