It all started in March 1990, when Ford Motor Company replaced the Ford Bronco II, with the 1991 Ford Explorer. Built in Louisville, Kentucky the new breed was greatly responsible for turning the mid-sized SUV segment into a practical, everyday requirement for families all across North America.

Let’s have a look…

Generation 1 – 1991-1994

Generation 2 – 1995-2001

Generation 3 – 2002-2005

Generation 4 – 2006-2010

Generation 5 – 2011-

This upcoming 2011 Ford Explorer release should excite many of you, for many reasons. To name a few, Inflatable rear seat belts, Terrain Management System & it is 85% Recyclable! Remember that EcoBoost engine technology that I mentioned in an earlier blog? Well the new Explorer, with this technology, delivers more than 30% better fuel economy.

Bring your family in to see if the available 7 passenger seating is everything it promises to be. Coming to a dealer near you, this winter.